Sales FAQ

What is included in your DPos fees?

Software, unlimited user access, software updates and unlimited product support.

Am I required to sign a fixed-term contract?

No Deliverit do not lock you into a fixed term contract, you are charged monthly in advance.

Can I install the software myself?

We do not recommend you install the software yourself as we like to ensure your hardware is suitable to run our solutions and that it is configured correctly.  Additionally, the installation and set-up includes software training to ensure you are maximising your investment.

What is included in your installation and set-up fee?

  • DPos menu set-up and configuration
  • Onsite installation (excludes electrical)
  • Set-up of your POS terminals
  • Set-up of your printers
  • Staff training

Can we lease POS hardware from you?

We do not lease hardware.

Do you provide POS hardware?

Yes, we can provide you with many different hardware options, please contact our team for options and pricing on 1300 117 117 or email

What reporting can I access through DPos?

DPos Reporting

  • Customers by sale value
  • Highest selling order search and report
  • Sales by payment type
  • Orders by day
  • Delivery driver summary
  • Delivery zone analysis
  • Staff log report
  • Staff sales report
  • Cash balance reconciliation
  • Cancelled Orders
  • + more

In addition to DPos reporting our Cloud Reporting provides you real-time business and customer insights. Find out more about our Cloud Reporting.

What is Cloud Reporting?

Our Cloud Reporting Tool is connected directly to your Dpos application and gives you access to your store data from anywhere at anytime and on any device.

What is the Delivery Module and Driver App?

The Delivery Module and Driver App gives you access to Google Maps which enables you to coordinate, prioritise, track and optimise your delivery schedules and drivers ensuring a better customer experience and a more efficient delivery service.

What are the minimum system requirements to run DPos?

Minimum Server Requirements

  • Intel Quad Core CPU (Min 2.0 GHZ speed) (Example: Core 2 Quad, i5,i7, i9)
  • 6GB+ of Memory
  • 200GB SSD (Solid State Drive)
  • Printer Ports for existing/new printers
  • LAN Ethernet Port
  • 15” Monitor
  • Operating system windows 10

Minimum Workstation (Terminal) Requirements:

  • Intel Dual Core CPU (Min 2.0 GHZ speed) (Example: Core 2 Duo, i3)
  • 4GB+ of Memory
  • 120GB Hard drive capacity
  • Printer Ports for existing/new printers
  • LAN Ethernet Port
  • 15” Monitor
  • Operating system windows 10

What integration is available?

We currently support the following integrations:

Support FAQ

What is TeamViewer? How do I get that?

TeamViewer is a web-based software used by Deliverit for remote access to your DPos. We use TeamViewer for training and support purposes. You can download TeamViewer for free here –

How can I find out how much I will receive for my online sales?

You can easily access this information by going to your Cloud account, go to Reports and select Weekly Summary

How do I process a refund for an online purchase?

Log into your Cloud account, go to Reports then select Sales. Find the transaction the relevant transaction, then click the dollar sign ($) beside the amount and select OK.

Why is my website offline?

  • Make sure DPOS is up and running – Dpos must be open to receive orders
  • Your server computer or polling PC should have a good internet connection

If Dpos is open and you have a strong internet connection and your site is still down, contact us immediately on 1300 117 117.

How long does it take to update my menu?

Large updates can take between 2-3 days. For small changes can be made same day. For all menu changes contact support on 03 8539 3939 or email

What marketing tools does your system support?

We work with third party providers for both Email and SMS marketing.

For email:

We integrate with a company called MailChimp.

The service is free providing you have no more than 2000 contacts and email no more than 10000 contacts per month.

For SMS: (

We integrate with a company called BurstSMS.

BurstSMS allows you to send 160-character messages (including opt-out message). It costs 7.5c per SMS. It includes an auto opt-out system and allows you to see responses to messages.

We have contact list integration with both MailChimp and BurstSMS so you can seamlessly import contacts from your database.

How do I change my ABN number in DPOS?

  • Login to DPOS
  • Go to Maintenance
  • Select Settings and type in the search box ABN
  • Click Edit and Save once done
  • Restart Dpos for the change to take effect

I have updated my menu prices in DPOS. Why is it still not updated on my website?

PLU updates need to be pushed online by:

  • From the DPOS Main Screen select ‘Online Ordering’ then select ‘Update Web Prices’
  • Login to Online Ordering Admin
  • In the top right-hand corner select ‘Delete Cache’ then refresh your page

How do I set Public Holiday Surcharge in DPOS and Online Ordering?

  • Make sure the PLU has been created
  • Go to Maintenance then Settings
  • Look for ‘AutoLoadPLUs’
  • Set a value (PLU) and click Save
  • Restart DPOS
  • Login to Online Ordering Admin –
  • Under Settings select ‘Payment Options’
  • Set the PLU for ‘Public Holiday Surcharge PLU’ and tick the calendar on the right side for the days it will be applied.
  • Click Save and then Delete Cache

Can I order printer papers through you?

We no longer sell printer paper, however you can still get Deliverit Supplies here