DoorDash Drive Integrations Are Go

As restrictions are still in place, more customers than ever are ordering a delivery option. As the demand for delivery orders go up,
more businesses are struggling with finding staff or drivers to fulfil orders. This is where DoorDash Drive comes in.  

DoorDash Drive offers access to a range of drivers, so you’ll never have to deal with lack of staff or drivers available. With Deliverit’s
DPos, you will be able to request a dasher at the touch of a finger, leading to quicker order turnaround and therefore, happy

The best part about the integration is the feature which allows you to select when the order will be ready. Having a driver there ready to take the meal as soon as it is prepared, leads to greater productivity and more orders being pushed out.  

Efficiency fulfilling orders can be the difference between finalizing 20 orders a night or 30! The equation remains simple: the more
orders that go out, the more money comes in. 

If you want to fulfil more order and grow your business with DoorDash Drive, contact Deliverit for more information today!