Setting the Stage for a Successful Holiday Season for Hospitality

As the festive season approaches, hospitality venues in Australia gear up for the annual surge in business. The holiday season
leads to a substantial increase in orders for in-house dining and catering events. Managing this surge is complex, requiring
venues to adapt quickly to the heightened demand while maintaining service quality. With growth expected in the Online Food
Ordering and Delivery industry (some 26.6% from 2018 to 2023 per IBIS World Report) there are both opportunities and challenges
that need to be considered.

Online Ordering and Catering Market

Driven at first by the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for online food delivery in Australia experienced a surge, driven by the
convenience and safety it offers. The market size is estimated to be about US$ 15.78 billion in 2027, with a CAGR (Compounded
Annual Growth Rate) of 11.15% as mentioned in the Online Food Delivery Report by Statista. This showcases a positive outlook for
the industry in the next 5 years.

Whilst the industry is growing, so is the customer demand and the pressures to keep up with changes. Throw into the mix the
holiday rush and the resulting staff shortages and supply chain delays, and you have the potential for dampened festive customer experiences. We understand that recruiting and retaining skilled staff during the festive rush can be challenging, leading to
potential delays, errors, and customer dissatisfaction. The need for additional hands and integrated systems is crucial, especially
in managing the influx of catering orders and online deliveries. This is where Deliverit excels.

Leveraging End-to-End Solutions

Streamlining Operations with POS

An end-to-end solution has been proven to streamline operations. From order processing to inventory management, a
comprehensive POS system ensures efficiency in handling increased orders during the festive season. This spike raises the need
for a system seamlessly integrating with online ordering platforms, ensuring smooth transactions and accurate order fulfilment.

But the simple truth is, the power a POS gives you doesn’t stop there. A robust platform like ours allows businesses to implement
flexible staffing solutions by understanding their needs to address staffing shortages during peak times. Give your staff more
flexibility to handle orders and customise according to the customer requirements.

Furthermore, why not leverage the integrated delivery management features of Deliverit to tackle pressures caused by delivery
and large volume of orders. Using Deliverit features like Delivery Maps, Driver Allocation and Driver Tracking functions you will
be able to create an effective and efficient delivery service to enhance your customer experience, reduce costs and save time spent on management of orders.

Automated Marketing for Increased Visibility

Understand your customers better and offer tailored promotions and personalised discounts based on their preferences and
behaviour during different periods. With Deliverit, you can attract customers and optimise your order processing, addressing the
challenge of meeting heightened demand.

An integrated POS and marketing system can help you ensure your venues stay ahead in a competitive landscape. We
recommend you implement a robust POS and utilise the data insights from your customers to create personalised experiences
and build customer loyalty.

We have heard from countless happy customers just how valuable an end-to-end POS and marketing system is, acting as
cornerstone for success, offering seamless integration, streamlined operations, and the agility needed to navigate the
complexities of heightened catering and online orders.

Ahead of Christmas and the New Year period, we believe that if you get the right strategies in place, you will not only meet but
exceed customer expectations, ensuring a prosperous and joyous holiday season.